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What is TETRA?

The objective of TETRA is to help your project or initiative accelerate from “R&D stage” to “Go-To Market stage”. How, you may ask? TETRA will create a tailored development plan for your business or idea based on the exact needs of your business or idea and struggles of your team. TETRA will assist you in developing your business taking into account your expertise and skills as well as the phase of your idea or start-up. TETRA will connect you with valuable networks of investors, mentors and coaches and other starting businesses to share experience with.

Main project activities

Based on your challenges, your individual development plan will include capacity building trainings and services that will follow a growth path structured into three main blocks:

  1. BUILD – trainings on the fundamentals of start-ups that tackle intellectual property rights and management, importance of the team and good leadership.
  2. SELL – trainings that help you enter new markets and develop a marketing and sales strategy. TETRA will connect you with networks of mentors and innovation hubs who will assist you in further developing your business.
  3. SCALE – connecting you with investors and corporates to help you establish connections, raise investments and skyrocket your business.


Other Projects



Accelerate your agri-food sector company through the adoption of robotic technologies!

80 new robotic solutions
2000 farmers

B-Hub for Europe

Accelerate your business with blockchain technologies!

150+ startups
2500+ impacted people