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Startup Division.
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What’s our superpower? We rely on trust, professional ethics, and partnerships.

Started by CIVITTA consultants in 2008 as a corporate spin-off, Startup Division (previously known as Open Coffee Club) has since grown to a team of 25+ innovation enthusiasts with multi-fold activities. Our connection to CIVITTA opens up doors across Europe, and our projects allow us to gather a huge international network of accelerators, incubators, investors, and business mentors.

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Launch of Open Coffee Club Vilnius (OCC)
20 Entrepreneurs
10 Mentors
Open Coffee Club Vilnius is a Lithuanian NGO, founded in 2008. Originally intended to be a local chapter of worldwide OCC network (inspired and launched by Saul Klein in London, 2007), OCC Vilnius morphed into entrepreneurs-enabling organization with broad national and foreign partnerships and multifold activities.
Launch of Startup Weekends
50 Entrepreneurs
15 Mentors
OCC started the first Startup Weekends gathering entrepreneurship and startup enthusiasts, successful entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and providing networking opportunities.
PreIgnition, part of ABC - Accelerating Business Creation
50 Startups
15 Mentors
The main objective of this initiative was to introduce students to the business world and encourage young entrepreneurs to start their own ventures by providing all the necessary initial support. The participants were consulted in accordance to the Business Model Canvas methodology, made from 9 elements, in order to develop a comprehensive business development plan. The trainings were also aimed at allowing students to network and initiate important contacts.
Startup Nitro
200 Startups
50 Mentors
This project entailed hands on consulting covering topics on business idea development, strategy development, organizational structure, work planning, business model development, marketing & PR, IT, access to finance and legal, in addition to providing a co-working space for startups.
Girls Rock @ startups
40 Entrepreneurs
20 Mentors
A women enterprise focused conference aimed at young girls to motivate and inspire them to become entrepreneurs. These events introduced female entrepreneurs, investors, highlighted and shared experiences regarding entrepreneurship from a female perspective, including the challenges, opportunities, prejudices and support networks available for female entrepreneurs.
111 Startups
462 Mentors
5 Countries
CEED Tech was a project run by a consortium of five startup accelerators building and scaling global companies from Central and Eastern Europe. Since 2011, it has launched 111 technology companies from around the world, and helped them raise over €11M in seed and venture capital. CEED Tech had over 450 mentors, who guided and connected ambitious entrepreneurs building businesses in data, cloud services, analytics, transactional technologies, fintech, e-commerce, B2B technologies, IoT, location-based services, and security software.
Startup Scaleup
20 Startups
60 Mentors
5 Countries
Startup Scaleup ran two batches of 6-month parallel IoT pre-accelerators in Lithuania, Spain, Ireland, and The Netherlands. IoT pre-accelerator focused on providing the practical knowledge and advice needed to build a successful IoT startup, such as - hands-on help on prototyping, licensing, access to mass manufacturers and IoT specific fundraising as well as an access to a pool of international mentors, including Philip Moynagh, Vice President, Internet of Things Group at Intel, Dan Marom, crowdfunding expert, Vinton G. Cerf, Vice President of Google, and Jerry Yang, investor & founder of Hardware Club. Lithuanian batches featured such startups as Nanoavionics, Sidewalk, TableAir, Factobotics, Connecty and SVA.
Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs
43 Entrepreneurs
6 Mentors
9 Countries
OCC became part of Eye On Europe project within EYE programme - A cross-border exchange programme which gives new or aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running small businesses in other Participating Countries. The exchange of experience takes place during a stay with the experienced entrepreneur, which helps the new entrepreneur acquire the skills needed to run a small firm. The host benefits from fresh perspectives on his/her business and gets the opportunities to cooperate with foreign partners or learn about new markets.
865 ICT Researchers
15 Mentors
11 Countries
The long term strategic objective of HubIT is to contribute to the high level of European research and innovation and ensure that H2020 funded and further ICT related innovation is responsible, inclusive and aimed at reversing inequalities. The direct objective of HubIT is to build a hub that will activate and improve constructive and co-creating interactions between social sciences and humanities (SSH) and information and communication technologies (ICT) disciplines in developing and implementing a shared vision of inclusive ICT research and innovation.
14 Incubators
30 Mentors
10 Countries
IRIS aims to develop incubator structures to be global frontrunners, capable to address common Baltic Sea Region (BSR) challenges. IRIS main objective is to improve and strengthen management and support capacity in incubator organisations as important Innovation Infrastructures. IRIS will make the target group demonstrate higher management capacity and higher ability to support entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs in five priority areas. New support instruments will be available as a result of joint brain storming, development and practical tests. Peer reviews as method to evaluate and improve management capacity will be spread to Innovation Infrastructure Organisations in BSR.
Rebranding to Startup Division
1000+ Startups
200+ Mentors
Official launch of a new brand name - Startup Division
96 Startups
200 Ecosystem Builders
3 Continents
The problem that this project will address is that European startups fail to scale, which often is the reason why they also fail in general. To avoid this, Soft-Landing will connect startup ecosystems through numerous exchanges of key representatives that will strengthen the knowledge about EU, US, and India’s startup scene, build strong networks and trust between the ecosystems stakeholders, as well as to scale European startups by providing Soft-landing support in target destinations.
Startup Lighthouse
120 Startups
60 Mentors
3 Continents
Lighthouse sets a standard on developing cross border connections within and beyond Europe. The project lights the way for startups within Europe by organizing 8 Deep Dive Weeks of matchmaking, 1-on-1 mentoring, workshops and many other activities in 4 ecosystems (Berlin, Dublin, Lisbon and the Baltics) as well as 1 week scouting missions to Silicon Valley, New York and Israel to accelerate their positioning as global players.
1050 Mothers
50+ Mentors
7 Countries
One of Startup Division goals among several different projects is to empower women and to encourage female entrepreneurship. Mommypreneurs is a unique initiative in the world which aims to strengthen skills of young inactive women on maternity leave or caring for children, to equip them with new digital and/or entrepreneurship skills to improve their potential in re-entering the labour market or start their own business.

Meet our team

Our team helps startups to scale, expand globally, and raise direct funding. We are also keen believers in digitalisation and entrepreneurship – we organize hackathons and design sprints, open innovation and education programmes, entrepreneurship courses and other high added-value services that can benefit aspiring founders as well as big corporations.

Sander van der Molen
Chief Innovation Whisperer
Vytautas Černiauskas
Chief Coach
Jurga Mečinskienė
Chief Matchmaker
Goda Sivickė
Chief of Making a Difference

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Why us?

Startup vibe
We take no ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’ when it comes to being professional. But we do it appreciating freedom, creativity, and non-hierarchical work ethic.
Stuck at the office? Not here – our projects mean meeting new people, experiencing different cultures, and seeing the world! Workations included.
Flexible schedule
All work and no play makes us dull and drained. Work-life balance is a serious business.
Zero to hero
Ever thought how Zuckerberg made it from scratch? Got to the right place - we work with projects where ideas are transformed into a real business.
Team to rely on
We value independence and self-mover attitude, but we’re always here to support each other. Win together, lose together.

What our people say

”From sage advice to the help in problem solving and building a winning team — I am doing my best to help Startup Division as well as all the startup founders I coach, advise and mentor. I believe in learning by doing and bias for action spiced with lots of hustle and no BS. I use the Socrates method to push people to excel, sans the poison.”
Chief Coach
”I love to help out other people, especially the people with high ambitions who dream to make real impact in the world. Rooting for the underdogs and help them to increase their chances to succeed in this world is what I like about Startup Division.”
Chief Innovation Whisperer
”Working at Startup Division is never boring - new ideas, people and projects help me grow in my career and as a person as well. I always put the effort in to continue this cycle of making a difference - whether that is our clients or my colleagues - I am always here to give my 100% effort.”
Chief of Making a Difference

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