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B-Hub for Europe

150+ startups
2500+ impacted people
2020 - 2022

B-Hub for Europe is a new initiative with an objective to build on the potential and excellence of European blockchain high-growing innovations.

Startup Division together with partners from Italy, Germany, Romania and France will contribute to the acceleration of the blockchain technology market in Europe.

The main objectives of the project are to:

  • Contribute to the creation of a more favourable regulatory framework for Blockchain in Europe;
  • Educate target beneficiaries and create awareness on Blockchain potential and possible applications;
  • Increase the technology demand and create more opportunities for blockchain technology applications to access public procurement opportunities and public resources;
  • Increase the interaction between blockchain start-ups and the private sector to enhance their potential and facilitate collaboration schemes;
  • Monitor blockchain startups ecosystems growth and discover talents and technology excellence.

B-Hub in numbers:

  • 150+ startups;
  • 2500+ impacted people;
  • Up to 50 startups will receive support with market acceleration services;
  • Up to 300 people involved in raising awareness and delivering training sessions;
  • Up to 25 startups will be engaged in a European Discovery Tour within the 5 ecosystems;
  • Up to 60 public-private organizations and 40 startups brought together to define best practices for blockchain!

Launched in January 2020, the project will last for 2 years, with a total budget of nearly 1.9 million euros. It will be implemented under the Startup Europe umbrella.



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