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1050 mothers
7 countries
2019 - 2020

What is Mommypreneurs?

Mommypreneurs is an international project which aims to strengthen skills of young inactive women on maternity leave or caring for children, to equip them with new digital and/or entrepreneurship skills to improve their potential in re-entering the labour market or start their own business.

Main project activities

Over two years 1050 young mothers in 7 EU countries (Cyprus, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain)  will take part in 13 weeks training programs. The training will be provided by professional and certified trainers. Most important, during the whole training program there will be free of charge child care services for the participants!

After the program young mothers will not only have new skills and motivation but will be connected with relevant company networks, employers, local businesses, investors, mentors to gain useful contacts for future employment and to help their business grow.

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