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2020 09 28

Startup Division offers free blockchain training in Lithuania for public & private sector companies

B-HUB for Europe, a decentralized support program implemented by Startup Division, is hosting free blockchain trainings for private and public sectors’ representatives in Lithuania. Participants of the trainings are introduced to the principles of blockchain, potential areas for application and advised on the possibility of addressing organizational or operational challenges with the application of this technology. From a long-term perspective, close cooperation with certified blockchain experts is expected to result in increased understanding and possible application of innovative solutions in the public and private sectors. 

Four trainings are being planned in Lithuania: two for public sector representatives and two for private sector representatives to take place in October/November 2020 and January/February 2021. 

With the help of accomplished professionals in Lithuania, Startup Division organizes the training and workshops for local organizations to help them understand if existing distributed ledger technology applications can be effectively used in their processes and result in added-value solutions”, says Jurga Mečinskienė, Project Manager at Startup Division.

The training covers the most important aspects of blockchain technology and DLT: principle qualities of the technology; its technical elements; existing use cases; technology trends and developments. In the second part of the training, participants are encouraged to ideate on possible areas for technology application in their organizations.  

Moreover, the project will continue supporting the participants after the workshops by inviting them to matching lab events, where solution developers will present market-tested products relevant for their particular needs. At the same time, the training will prepare a set of professionals capable of identifying the potential places for blockchain applications in Lithuanian organizations.

If you are interested in the blockchain technology training or want to test it out and see if it applies to your organization, contact us at [email protected]. To learn more about the initiative, please visit: