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865 stakeholders
15 Mentors
11 Countries

The direct objective of HubIT is to build a hub that will activate and improve constructive and co-creating interactions between social sciences and humanities (SSH) and information and communication technologies (ICT) disciplines in developing and implementing a shared vision of inclusive ICT research and innovation.

HubIT will activate constructive interactions between the stakeholders forming the responsible research and innovation (RRI)-SSH eco-system via various network and engagement activities that have the overall goal of developing a tangible European Framework Model for implementing responsible and inclusive ICT research and innovation.

Main project activities:

1. Mapping of the ecosystem and establishment of the European Framework Model for responsible ICT innovation, which is a comprehensive set of jointly developed and used definitions, guidelines and tools for enforcing RRI and SSH issues in ICT research;

2. Engagement and broadening of the European community, complemented by an equal increase of RRI knowledge, information sharing, active dialogue and matchmaking through:

  • 3 speed-dating events 50 participants each (150 in total);
  • 10 national workshops with 25 participants each (250 in total);
  • 3 international thematic workshops and networking events with 25 participants each (75 in total);
  • 5 target groups specific events (3 international policy workshops, 1 SSH researcher workshop, 1 ICT industries workshop) with 140 participants.

3. Facilitation of practical collaborations and experimental activities, in order to foster new responsible ICT ideas enriched with SSH and to stimulate reflection on cutting-edge issue through:

  • 3 European Inclusive Hackathons with 50 participants each (150 in total);
  • 1 European Common Ground Camp with 40 participants;
  • 3 European Interactive ICT labs with 20 participants each (60 in total).

 4. Establishment of the evidence base for R&I policies measured by key success indicators.



Sander van der Molen

+370 613 59 730

[email protected]


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