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2020 09 14
Innovation expert: we shouldn’t leave the decisions on technology developments to the happy few people

Have you tried imagining your life in 2050? What do you see – a much more advanced and comfortable everyday life, infused with futuristic technology, or less appealing images of environmental degradation, uncontrolled migration, and alienation brought by diving deeper in the virtual world?

Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs
2020 09 11
Travelling ‘business class’ with the EYE programme – how to start your business

From a sales freelancer to a founder and a CEO – this has been the journey of Povilas Klimas and many others who took the opportunity to get business training abroad with the help of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) programme. The programme, financed by the EU, allows people of any age who have no or very limited business experience to get a traineeship in another country and learn the trade of running a business.

2020 07 13
Over EUR 100.000 of free-equity funding and services available to blockchain startups

SMEs and startups experimenting with innovative technologies and developing blockchain solutions can now receive tailored support services and necessary equity-free funding for up to EUR 120.000 per startup, from three projects that are open for blockchain companies located in the EU or associated countries: Block.IS. A blockchain accelerator with up to EUR 60.000 equity-free funding […]

2020 05 25
Baltic Sea incubators pilot new ways to support start-ups

Close to 300 startups and entrepreneurs have benefited from improved incubation services, thanks to a project aimed at improving incubation services in the Baltic Sea region, called IRIS.  For two years, 14 incubators (help a business in its early stages thrive) from 10 countries across the region have been working together in an effort to improve […]

2020 05 21
Fintech Week Lithuania goes online

Fintech Inn, the largest Fintech conference in the Baltic region, has been postponed to 28-29 April 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the organisers have come up with an online alternative this summer. Fintech Week Lithuania, taking place on June 15-18, will be providing a virtual conference experience with scheduled, keynote speeches, panel discussions, […]

2020 05 06
Equity-free funding and acceleration support for SMEs using blockchain: apply to calls

Two programmes targeting blockchain solution providers and adopters are announcing open calls. The programmes provide acceleration support as well as equity-free funding for startups/SMEs and companies adopting their solutions. Block.IS: acceleration programme for agriculture, fintech and logistics sectors   Programme: Block.IS  Deadline: July 22, 2020 Selection & signing of contracts: by October 30  Funding: up […]