Tällberg, Sweden

Baltic Sea partners launch collaboration in Dalarna, Sweden

The IRIS Work Package for management capacity was launched 24-25 of January at Dalarna Science Park in Dalarna in collaboration with Gdansk Entrepreneurship Foundation, DESY – Deutsches Electronen-Synchrotron and Kaunas Science and Technology Park.

Management Capacity is one of the main pillars of the IRIS-project and the activities are based on peer reviews. The 14 project partners have been divided into 4 workgroups to perform the reviews.

During the project, the partners in the workgroup will visit each other, getting to know each partner’s services, their organisation and tools. This is based on a collegial approach whereby the collective competence and experience of the peer review team is used to improve performance. The participating team members will also be able to get in-depth knowledge and unique insight of the management in similar organisations in a transnational environment. The process will be facilitated by peer review  experts from the organisation Swedish Incubators and Science Parks.

The peer reviews start with a self-assessment performed by each partner which is distributed to the peer review team before visiting the partner organisation. The host organisation also provides relevant documentation to describe its situation. During the visit, the host partner presents challenges for the organisation from a management viewpoint. Selected stakeholders are given the opportunity to attend the review and express their understandings.

This activity is an excellent instrument to find out each other’s strengths, as well as weaknesses, to learn from, use as basis for improvement and in the end, when all the Peer Reviews in all the work groups are done and the results compiled, the output is expected to serve as “Roadmap for increased management” around the Baltic Sea.

The lead partner in the IRIS project, Dalarna Science Park, is excited to see this launch work so well and to be the host of the first of 14 Peer Reviews in the life-cycle of the IRIS-project.

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Patricia Eresjö
Dalarna Science Park
[email protected]