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2020 05 06

Equity-free funding and acceleration support for SMEs using blockchain: apply to calls

Two programmes targeting blockchain solution providers and adopters are announcing open calls. The programmes provide acceleration support as well as equity-free funding for startups/SMEs and companies adopting their solutions.

Block.IS: acceleration programme for agriculture, fintech and logistics sectors


Programme: Block.IS 

Deadline: July 22, 2020

Selection & signing of contracts: by October 30 

Funding: up to €60 000 equity-free upon successful completion of each project stage

Other support: refine concept + 8-month acceleration programme + meet investors

Apply here

Block.IS – a project implemented by 12 organizations, including Civitta – offers an acceleration programme for blockchain startups and solutions developers in agriculture, fintech and logistics sectors. The initiative is now in its second and final round to provide up to €60 000 in equity-free funding, training and mentorship for innovators to bring blockchain solutions to the mainstream. The project is targeting established companies that are willing to develop products based on blockchain and will provide them with business, technological and financial support along the way. Agriculture, logistics, and fintech sectors have been singled out for the success of blockchain technology in addressing supply chain management, provenance, store of value, data sharing and other issues. 


BlockStart: helping potential adopters in FinTech, ICT and retail sectors


Programme: BlockStart 

Deadline: call should be open in June with application deadlines in September, 2020

Selection: by October; programme starts in November

Funding: up to €20 000 equity-free for blockchain developers; €3,000 to cover operational costs for SMEs that implement solutions

Other support: 4-month acceleration support to develop prototype + support for market entry


The BlockStart programme helps build business partnerships between blockchain solution providers and potential adopters in fintech, ICT and retail sectors. The project, implemented by three entities, including Civitta, connects blockchain solution providers with SME adopters making sure that product development process is driven by client needs. SMEs that are willing to test out blockchain based solutions receive a grant to cover their operational costs (€4,500 in two installments). More information here.


Companies that collaborate with us may be eligible for a grant of €3,000, if they:

a) are an SME under EU criteria;

b) are based in EU and H2020 Associated Countries

c) fill in this application form and this DLT Assessment Tool until 30 June;

d) sign the attached declaration of commitment;

e) are selected, in July, to BlockStart’s Pilot stage (implementation of our solution in your activity, from August to October).