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2020 09 28
Do’s and Don’ts when doing business in the Baltic Sea region

Doing business with partners abroad? Be prepared for cultural peculiarities — don’t waste time on small talk during meetings in Scandinavian countries and Germany, seek win-win negotiations in Finland, and avoid discussions on politics and history in Lithuania or Poland.

2020 05 25
Baltic Sea incubators pilot new ways to support start-ups

Close to 300 startups and entrepreneurs have benefited from improved incubation services, thanks to a project aimed at improving incubation services in the Baltic Sea region, called IRIS.  For two years, 14 incubators (help a business in its early stages thrive) from 10 countries across the region have been working together in an effort to improve […]

2018 04 24
Startup BBQ at Startup Fair strikes again

For the fourth year in a row Startup BBQ strikes again this May! It has become a signature event for Startup Division. Be sure not to miss out, it’s completely FREE! Are you thirsty for a stress-free non-formal networking? Join us and be sure to have a lot of fun! This year Startup BBQ 2018 […]

2018 04 06
First IRIS workshop success in Gdansk

IRIS is about working together for excellent regional and international growth! What does that mean to you? Partners collaborate and learn from each other to provide best support for startups in the Baltic Sea Region so you can grow your business successfully! Startup Division participated in a brilliant workshop in Gdansk as a part of IRIS Baltic Sea Region project. […]

2018 01 26
First IRIS Peer-review reveals some of the best incubation practices

The 1st Peer-review in Dalarna Science Park took place this week, where partners from Sweden, Germany, Lithuania and Poland gathered to share best incubating practices.  Partners discussed strengths and areas for improvement, set future challenges and provided each other with recommendations.   IRIS will consist of several peer-reviews and workshops, all focused on improving incubator […]

2017 12 05
IRIS kicks-off in Sweden

The Interreg project IRIS started with a hugely successful Kick-Off in Dalarna, Sweden. 32 participants from 14 incubators in 10 countries gathered in the little village of Tällberg in Dalarna, Sweden, for a three day Kick-Off Conference to launch the Baltic Sea Region Interreg Project “IRIS”. IRIS stands for “Improved Results in Innovation Support – transnational […]