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2018 03 13

Startup Europe Ambassador

Startup Europe (SE) is an initiative of the European Commission. The four main objectives of Startup Europe are to:

  • Connect people  such as startups, investors, accelerators, female entrepreneurs, corporate networks and universities  through our array of networks.
  • Connect local startup ecosystems by supporting regional initiatives such as Startup Europe Week or Startup Europe Regions Network.
  • Help startups soft-land in other markets such as Silicon Valley, India, Africa and The United Arab Emirates.
  • Celebrate entrepreneurs’ success  via Techallstars, Europioneeers and StartUp Europe Awards.

What are Startup Europe Ambassadors?

Throughout the years, Startup Europe has been a collective effort of hundreds of stakeholders, movers and doers in tech and startup field. The impact of this initiative could not have been possible without the immense support provided by this community.

Startup Europe Ambassadors will represent a group of key influencers in the European startup ecosystems who are actively supporting our activities or who will be joining our adventure in the future.

With this movement we will democratise the access to Startup Europe, by making it open to our partners with the goal of offering them the power of improving the initiative.

What do Ambassadors do?

  • Actively contribute to the visibility of SE by acting as a key information point in their countries about SE activities or by connecting the SE team with relevant stakeholders from their local startup field;
  • Gather feedback and provide innovative insight to the European Commission’s Startup Europe team with the objective of improving the activities of this initiative.